Looking after your bag or purse

Here at The Hope Tree I am dedicated to providing beautifully designed leather goods that are crafted using the finest quality leather skins. As leather is a natural material each skin is unique. Any incidental tonal variation, marks or veins are natural features and should not be considered as imperfections.

 Leather will change and evolve as it is worn and exposed to nature’s elements such as light and moisture. Leather is a skin and requires regular moisturising using a conditioner to keep the skin supple, and regular protection using a waterproofing spray.

To love and preserve the quality of your The Hope Tree bag or purse follow these instructions:

The best preventive maintenance you can do when you first purchase your new bag or purse is to have it waterproofed using a synthetic water proofer - we recommend “Sof Sole. This needs to be applied regularly. All types of leather need to be protected, including suede.
Do not overfill your bag or purse as this will cause it to stretch out of shape.
Keep the leather surface clean and dry using a dry, soft cloth.
Avoid over-exposure to heat or direct lighting.
Protect leather goods from rain, humidity, grease, perfume and cosmetics.
If leather should get wet, dab with a soft neutral cloth to absorb the moisture. 
When not in use store your product in a cool, dry place using the dust bag provided.
Before using a leather protector or conditioner always test a patch first.  Conditioner should be used regularly to avoid the leather drying out.
If you have a light-coloured leather bag avoid wearing it against dark clothing and denim unless they are colour fast.  Fabric dye can transfer to the leather, which is very hard to remove.
Avoid rough and abrasive surfaces. Never place your bag on the ground or a rough surface.

A cotton dust bag has been provided to care for your precious The Hope Tree bag or purse, this ensures that the leather can breathe.

Please note: The Hope Tree cannot be held liable for any damage you may do to your bag or purse with the use of any spray, oil or cream you apply. Before using a leather cleaner or conditioner on your bag always read the instructions carefully and test in an inconspicuous area first.